Heating and cooling units require year-round maintenance to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently. While some tasks require the help of an HVAC professional, there are many that you can do on your own to prolong the life of your system. As you start preparing your home for the winter months, include air conditioner maintenance tasks to prevent costly damage that cold weather, snow, ice or oxidation may cause.

Steps to maintain your AC Unit during a Cold Front:

*Before you perform any of the following be sure to turn off the power to your AC unit.

1. Clean the AC Unit: Use a broom to sweep off leaves, twigs and other debris on or surrounding the unit. Use a hose to wash off dirt, dust and bird droppings. Allow the unit to dry. Cleaning the AC prevents the unit from getting clogged and breaking down when you use it during the spring and summer.

2. Inspect the AC Unit: Look for cracks and rust in the casing, as well as leaks and other irregularities. Make sure the seals are tight and not cracked. While these issues may seem benign, they may cause major problems in the future. If you discover any issues while inspecting the unit, contact your SouthCoast HVAC experts.

3. Cover the AC Unit: Placing a waterproof vinyl or plastic cover over an air conditioner insulates it, prevents cracking, and protecting it from debris and the elements.

4. Add extra insulation: Use foam pipe covers around the AC unit’s exposed pipes and wiring, particularly those that go into your home. Use duct tape to keep the foam insulation in place. The insulation keeps wires and the fluid within pipes from freezing, which keeps the pipes from cracking.

5. Check the AC once a week: Continue to perform AC maintenance through the fall and winter by sweeping away leaves, twigs, pine cones and other debris that fall on the unit. In addition, remove water that accumulates on the AC’s cover to free it of unnecessary weight.

Air conditioner maintenance is more than a yearly task in which an HVAC expert services your system. Regularly maintaining your AC will extend its life, increase its efficiency and minimize the need for repairs. If you notice an irregularity in your AC unit, contact SouthCoast HVAC.

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