Comfort Club Membership

Comfort Club Membership

We are your local HVAC provider of high quality air conditioner maintenance plans. Air conditioner maintenance costs are nothing compared to the cost to repair or replace your unit. Our comprehensive maintenance service improves air conditioning efficiency, reduces wear and tear, and minimizes unforeseen complications, like an AC leaking or an AC blowing warm air.

Our Comfort Club Membership is our commitment to care for your business or home. We will complete a 78-Point inspection of your heating and cooling system every year. Your membership includes: free leak checks, discounted replacement parts, no after hours charges and more!

Lower Your Utility Bills

Increase the Life of your Equipment

Forget about AC-related stresses

The importance of maintenance for your HVAC system simply cannot be overstated. Your heating and cooling systems are complex machines that contain an array of moving parts. These components accumulate wear and tear over time and lead to minor problems that can cause major problems if the unit is not serviced regularly.

Reasons for maintenance include:

  • Most manufacturers will NOT honor warranties if your unit is not properly maintained. The Comfort Club Membership is designed to ensure that this is never an issue.
  • We'll call you! No need to try and remember when to schedule your system maintenance, we do that for you. Our Indoor Comfort Specialist will contact you to guarantee you will not miss your routine checks.
  • Your A/C can operate over 2,000 hours a year! That's equivalent to driving 100,000 miles a year. With our Comfort Club Membership, one of the most expensive parts of your home will be properly maintained, saving you money!
We are here to work with you throughout the life your HVAC system. By choosing South Coast Heat & Air every step of the way, we can ensure that your system performs efficiently and runs for the full length of its lifespan.

South Coast Heat & AIr always puts you first. Our industry-leading products and services will surpass your expectations for your cooling needs. Call or contact us today to learn more about how we can get started with addressing your residential or commercial cooling needs today.